Speak Up

10.00 AM..You reach the meeting room on time. You smile and/or greet your colleagues and take a seat at the table as always. The meeting organizer dials the remote folks in and starts the meeting. The topic is one you are familiar with. Others start expressing their views. You feel like you should talk and […]


morning routine at work

We’ve all read and heard of many productivity related articles that speak to first 5 things to indulge in to make your day productive. Also commonly referred to as ‘ morning routine’. There are many different names and versions of the morning routine that people vouch for. The essence of it remains the same though- […]


Post image for Top 5 Career Must-Have’s For Women

As women, we have the same potential to make a difference in the workplace as men. Our capabilities, our skills, our opportunities have all increased over the years. However, the glass ceiling still holds us back for the most part! While external circumstances and other factors are definitely guilty of holding us back, there are times […]


Post image for 5 Steps to Set Yourself Up For Success At A New Job

The excitement of a new job – the allure of a better title, responsibilities, compensation and other monetary and lifestyle benefits are things that excite most people. At the same time there is a feeling of apprehension and tension about the unknown. Will I succeed in the new workplace? Will I like my co-workers and […]


Post image for Tackle the Elephant In The Room: Effective Salary Negotiation

The words ‘salary negotiation’ when interviewing at a new job or at discussions at an existing one, generates an icky feeling for most people. People feel guilty, awkward and frustrated to approach salary negotiations. So much so, that they are ready to forego the possibility of an increase to avoid the salary conversation. There are […]

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success illusion

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/15664662@N02/19097144604 All of us have been there at some point. We’ve looked at someone we know and felt a tiny bit of jealousy or wondered how they got it all going for them. Moms have looked at other moms and felt that twinge. How does she do it all? How does she manage to […]


Post image for Friendships at Work: Yes Or No?

As humans, we all crave social connections. It is an innate need.  We spend more than 50% of our waking time at work. It is quite natural to satisfy our craving to connect, with the people who are around us aka our coworkers. Is that the right thing to do? Should you be friends with […]


Changing face of corporate landscape

Search engine giant Yahoo announced laying off 15% off its workforce yesterday as a part of its $400 million cost cutting efforts. Autodesk is laying off 10% of its workforce. The Retail and Energy sector are the ones most hit. Mega businesses like Macy’s,Walmart, Halliburton etc have not been sparred and have already started the job cuts. […]


Post image for Job Search Taking Longer than Usual? How to Stay Positive and Motivated

The dreary cold winter months seem to go on forever. You sit at your desk and try to pull your robe closer, hoping to feel a little warmer. You realize that it is not the cold that is bothering you! But the frustration of applying for yet another job! It all seems to be catching […]


Post image for 5 Reasons You Stay Stuck In a Job That You Dislike

Is your job a J-O-B for you or a part of a career, a career that you have planned or unknowingly fallen in love with or at the least interested in? According to Gallup, there are 2 people that do not like their jobs for every one person that likes their job!! That is so […]