Inspire + Motivate Your Audience

Gia enjoys teaching and presenting to all ages, genders and groups. Her presentations are thought-provoking and engaging and leave the audience with easy to digest ideas and well equipped to take solid action.

“Gia gave a presentation at our GM IT facility on stepping up your professional game. She was very dynamic and captured our professional audience with her presentation content and style.Her presentation included a section about communication styles which was very insightful. I was pleasantly surprised when a colleague was making a point and referred to Gia’s discussion on communication styles. Gia was able to engage the audience and add value to our teams through her presentation. She has extensive knowledge of topics within the career advancement field.”

– Bola Sosina, General Motors, IT Division

Speaking engagements include issues relevant to the topic selected and address:
Speaking Gia Ganesh

  • Motivating you to take action in your career.
  • Developing the desire for improvement and positive change to enhance work performance.
  • Guiding you to find your career direction.
  • Channeling you to set healthy, safe and appropriate boundaries in your work-life.
  • Empowering you to have fulfilling careers.
  • Business building tactics
  • Power of LinkedIn to generate business  growth
  • Personal Branding
  • Negotiations
  • Networking

Sample Speaking Topics:Speaking Gia Ganesh

  • Pave Your Path to Career Success
  • 6 Steps to Realizing your Dream Job
  • 5 Keys to Choose Your College Major and Career wisely
  • Career SUCCESS on your TERMS: Why & How?
  • How to Manage and Be Revered as a Manager

“Gia Ganesh is a member of the SCORE Atlanta Speakers’ Bureau and presents workshops to groups of SCORE clients who either already operate a small business, or who plan to open one soon.  Gia makes presentations on a range of subjects, all focused on helping small business owners achieve improved sales and financial results.  She is a very effective speaker, combining practical advice and guidance, presented in a manner that is both engaging and entertaining.  Feedback from registrants at her events is overwhelmingly positive, with most clients giving her the highest grade.

Gia is very pleasant to work with and provides good suggestions herself as to how the SCORE workshop program can be further improved.  I have no hesitation in recommending Gia Ganesh as a skilled speaker and presenter who would add value to a range of educational and informational programs.”

~ Barry Coates, Chair of Programs, SCORE ATLANTA

Gia’s Keynote:

Step Up Your Career Game: How to Play Bigger in your Career

Packed with lots of practical strategies and tools, Gia will show your audience how to get to and play in the next level of their career. Your audience will leave with a solid framework to guide their career decisions. They will learn  the Bigger, Bolder, Braver strategy to create their career direction plan and also learn to overcome the blocks that hold them from getting and playing in the next level.