Post image for Inspiring Lessons From Tony Robbins, Sara Blakely, Gary Vaynerchuk and PitBull

I recently attended a local Summit here in Atlanta that gave me the opportunity to learn up close from some of my favorite gurus. It was a One Day event packed with a lot of speakers. I went mainly because of Tony Robbins and was super happy about the lessons learnt from Sara, Gary and PitBull […]


Post image for The One Question To Accelerate Your Career Growth

In working with many clients, one thing has clearly emerged – career growth is one of the top priorities. People aspire to grow and advance in their careers. This growth could take on various forms – better title, more compensation, promotion, recognition, reward, significance, responsibility and so on. Some people will jump ship every couple years to […]


Post image for Have You Done A SWOT Analysis?

SWOT is a term commonly used in the Marketing and Strategy functions in the business world. It simply stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Businesses are encouraged to do a SWOT once a year to have a thorough understanding of themselves and how they can fare in the marketplace. Strengths and Weaknesses – are […]


Post image for Are Your Benefits Truly Benefitting You?

Do you work for an organization where you can avail of benefits such as meals cooked by professional chefs or onsite massages, free meals, sports facilities and the like? – If you are not among the lucky few, what benefits does your package include? – Are you making use of all your benefits? According to […]


Post image for What Do You Crave For In Your Career?

 I recently listened to an interview with Daniel Pink, author of several best sellers such as Drive and To Sell is Human. He spoke about the three biggest drivers of motivation for humans. These are Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. He hit the nail on the head with those three factors for me.  When I look […]


Post image for 3 Unusual Tactics To Try When You Are Not Motivated

Have you waited to feel motivated in order to do something? Have you wanted to go to the gym but stopped yourself because “you didn’t feel like it”? Or the pottery class that you’ve always wanted to take but just haven’t gotten around to it? Or wanted to talk to someone about something and the […]


Post image for I’ve Been Let Go…Now What?

– A rush of emotions as soon you hear the news…A sense of helplessness over the suddenness of it,what do I do now? – A sense of insecurity over the future..why me?why now? – Will I find another job? – A sense of relief..maybe this is the best thing that has happened to me..I’ve been […]


Post image for 5 P’s To Get More Done At Work

Productivity is a buzz word that all of us gravitate towards!  We all want to be more productive, do more in the same time, achieve more and the like. The pursuit of productivity is a huge industry by itself!  Tons of research has been done and is continually being done to make humans more productive. […]


Post image for How Your Career Affects Your Well-Being

“Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work” Many a time, we forget that we work to live! And to LIVE means different things to different people. The common thread though is our physical well-being. We all want to be healthy to LIVE and experience our lives. Our careers have the potential to make our lives […]


Post image for Top 7 Career Advancement Myths

All of us want to advance in our careers. The idea of stagnation is not appealing! It is part of the status quo that most of us hold dear. But truth be said, some of us fall into depression and throw away our personal happiness and fulfillment for career advancement! A career is supposed to be something […]