Meet Your Career Success Coach

It is a joy & blessing to help high achievers escape their unfulfilling careers and find meaningful ones!

Gia GaneshYou are probably here because you are feeling the same way I did few years ago. Finding the right career can be exasperating and frustrating.

You know you don’t want to do something, but you are not sure of what it is that you want to do! You feel out of sync with your career. You are at a point where a mere paycheck does not suffice. You want more from your career – a greater sense of meaning and definitely fulfillment.

That was me a few years ago. I know exactly how you feel. I had treaded down the traditional path of chasing a secure job. Outwardly I had a great job title, benefits and perks. But inwardly I felt restless and at times empty. I knew there was something more, but could not figure it out. I pursued 2 Master’s degrees in the hope of finding that best career fit. I moved from the field of Technology Project Management to Management Consulting and finally People Development.

I loved aspects of my various jobs, but wanted more. I always knew that my passion is people development. But never intentionally pursued it full time. When I finally had the opportunity to work in the field of People Development in a corporate setting, my hunger was insatiable. I wanted to help more people discover and unleash their inner potential by leveraging their uniques strengths and talents. And this inner potential is unleashed only when they are aligned to their best fit careers! When I realized the corporate setting was not conducive to my burning desire and hunger to reach and work with more people, I struck out on my own.

I have discovered my purpose and passion is to help people glean more awareness about doing work that is not influenced by external and material necessities but instead doing things that internally fulfill them. I derive my own fulfillment from seeing these people break through their self limiting barriers and cross boundaries they never imagined crossing and achieving heights they never imagined scaling in careers that they love!!

What a joy and blessing it is to see people kick start their career, doing things that they love and making great money from it and driving their career on a high gear!

I Relate To You!


On a personal front

I have 2 Masters degrees – MIS(from Kennesaw State University) and an MBA(from Georgia Tech) in the Atlanta area in USA. I have an awesome family consisting of my husband and my two sons – 10 and 5. I am deeply passionate about people development and believe that all of us have immense potential to do astonishing things and make a difference but have barely scratched the surface! I am crazy about chocolate and have dreamt of owning a chocolate factory in Switzerland from the time that I was in pigtails as a young kid. Recently I have taken a liking to Zumba and thoroughly enjoy rocking the Zumba classes. I am multi-potentialite and love exploring my varied interests!

Professional Bio

Gia Ganesh is a Career Strategist and  Coach, working with high-achievers to help them identify and lead fulfilling personal and professional lives. She is a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only association of the top business and career coaches. Gia helps people find and work in a career that they love, that satisfies and fulfills them internally while paving the path for external abundance and prosperity. Gia is passionate about helping people eliminate career burnout and make empowered career choices that keep them fulfilled. People who are stagnating and unfulfilled often find meaning, passion and purpose and a renewed zest for their careers after working with Gia.