How You Voted Could Reveal Your Next Career Move!

by Gia Ganesh

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The results of the US Presidential Elections is taking the world by storm. It is the talk of the town, every town, every country! From old to young – my 5 year old son included, have something to say about it.

I am not here to comment on the candidates, the result or the ideals the 2 political parties support.

Instead, I want to gently dissect the thought process you employed to vote. What made you vote a certain way for a certain party or candidate could reveal how you would probably approach your next career move!

In talking to many people about why they voted a certain way, I noticed that beyond the outward reasons of liking/disliking the candidate or the ideals of the political party, there was something more internal that was driving their decision making process. It is how they approach life in general!

I came across a subset of people who were fleeing from one end to the other end, swinging like a pendulum! They felt dissatisfied with the current political environment and believed that running to the other end would give them what they are seeking!

Little did they stop to see if this is true.

Little did they ponder if they were jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

The Pendulum Effect was  ruining ruling their life!

Irrespective of whether they believed in the candidate at the other end or the ideals of the other party, they just wanted to run away from where they were at and didn’t care to see what/who they were running towards! “I’ve had enough of the Democrats for the past eight years. I want something different”, one person said. And many others echoed similar sentiments.

How does this kind of thinking affect your career?

This affects your career because How You Do One Thing In Life Is How You Do Everything! This is an old zen saying that holds true for many people.

If you are the kind who procrastinates a workout session, chances are you do the same in other areas as well!

If you are the kind who always shows up late to personal events, chances are you show up late to work!

If you are the kind who has trouble in certain relationships, chances are you carry over remnants of that to others!

And so on and so forth!

How you gave in to the pendulum effect in the presidential elections arena, reflects how you would approach your career situation. When you get to a point where you feel burnt out, frustrated, dejected and desperate for a change, chances are you run to the other end to seek relief! Chances are, you don’t really do your homework and determine if it solves the problem you are trying to escape.

If you crave autonomy at work and feel boxed in, you may decide to start your own business. Nothing wrong in doing so. However, it does become crucial to really understand what about the situation at your current workplace is causing you angst.

How does starting your own business alleviate the pain?

What other new pain points could the new business introduce?

Every situation in life and in your career comes with its own set of challenges and pain points.

Which set of pain points are you willing to live with and take medicines for?

Running away or swinging like a pendulum is not always the answer to your career issues. Schedule a 30 minute career momentum session TODAY, to gain clarity on your professional situation and decide the next best course of action!





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